Release the tide..

Road to Bethlehem seeks to release a tide of generosity across Brisbane – consider partnering with us this year to make a difference in the following ways:

Make Someone’s day – “Bring a Gift”

This year we continue to build the ‘Bring a Gift’ campaign – consider making someone’s day by bringing a gift and placing it one of the 3 crates under the giving tree in the Big Tent. This year we are partnered with a number of community organisations, to put your gift in the hands of a the following people:

• elderly in Nursing Homes (ARV, ARCARE, Maranatha, Seasons)

• Homeless people (Sheltered by Grace. NW Youth Accommodation, 3rd Space)

• Families in Domestic Violence protection homes (Maria House, Micah Project, Home for Good, Sunshine Sanctuary)

Guidelines for what and how to Bring a Gift here

Make Someone’s day – “Be a Gift”

“Freely Receive, Freely Give”. We hope you’re so inspired at Road to Bethlehem that you’ll take up our challenge to pay it forward, and “Be the Gift” to someone else. You’ll release a tide of goodness that keeps on giving!

I was at the hairdresser having my hair cut and felt impressed to be the gift to the lady beside me – a total stranger to me. I had a quiet word with my hairdresser, “Whatever she is having done, I’d like to pay for it.” Before long my hair was done, and I was gone. Later I discovered the blessing it had been – not only to the lady herself, but to others as well. The hairdressing staff were all moved my the experience they had each gone out and become a gift to someone else. One bought lunch for someone in need, another paid for groceries.. and who was the most blessed by all of this? I was! – Jodie


Invitation to a Special Christmas Service

Soon after Road to Bethlehem, on SATURDAY Dec 22, 2018, a special Christmas Service will be hosted at numerous locations across North and South Brisbane. All visitors to Road to Bethlehem this year will receive a flyer complete with locations and contact numbers for the host sites.

Find out More about Jesus

Many of our visitors each year wish to know more about Jesus, and ask for more information and/or pastoral contact. If you’d like help with anything please let us know and we will put you in touch with someone you can talk to.