RTB18 Postponed


Brisbane RTB 2018 Postponed – with regret the RTB Committee advise that the event has been postponed this year due to unforeseen circumstances. A significant factor has been the later timing of the event this year, which has meant that many of the volunteers who are usually available to serve in and at the event are simply not available due to the holiday season. Additional challenges are the numerous and excellent volunteer-dependent activities also taking place regionally at this time.

RTB relies on around 300 volunteers to come to life. Over the past several weeks our team has made extensive and concerted efforts to secure sufficient numbers of actors and crew for this year’s event, but have not been able to secure enough volunteers to reach a level of confidence to proceed. A decision needed to be made now, to minimise risk to the many small businesses supporting RTB18 though markets, food vans etc.

We know that many of our volunteers have already invested considerable time and leadership already this year and all of us are naturally disappointed with this outcome. We are so thankful for all of you!

With you, we had been looking forward to RTB18 as an opportunity to share the story of the world’s first Christmas with over 5,000 visitors, and had secured significant community, church and council sponsorship and support through markets, music, children’s activities, Food vans and many other aspects of the event. In 2019 the event will not have such timing constraints and we look forward to returning the event to mid December. We wish to thank Councillor Denise Sims and the Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor’s office for their committed support of the event.

The generous support of our sponsors is deeply appreciated as this is an essential support for the event to take place.  We have been in contact already with our sponsors, and are committed to returning all sponsorship funds received, or reserving same in trust for the next event if desired. Other key leaders and supporters have also already been notified. Soon we will post a message on our facebook page and website.

We hope that all who have supported RTB in the past will look forward to RTB 2019 and lend your full support as you are able to spread the Word, get involved, and be part of sharing the good news of the World’s first Christmas. After all – that’s what this is all about. Unto us a Saviour was born!

Please receive our sincere thanks, kind regards and blessings to you and your team for the holiday season – may God bless you, and may you be a generous gift to others this holiday season as we celebrate the amazing Love of God given freely for us all.

Russ Willcocks, Chairperson
for the RTB18 Committee 
Andrew Ladhams, Big Tent, Storage
Jo Gowans, Treasurer
Jodie Ladhams, Big Tent Leader
Lousie Buckley, Casting Director
Matt Goltz, Watson Park and Big Canvas
Mike Raymond, Sponsorship
Narelle Coyte, Costume Director
Paese Ryan-Southward, Secretary
Patty Gillespie, Hosting Leader