RtB Brisbane is Retiring

RtB Brisbane Retiring

It is with sadness and regret that we announce the official retirement of Road to Bethlehem, Brisbane. It ran from 2012 to 2017 and was a blessing to all of us involved and we looked forward every year to get together with the group of volunteers that literally became the Road to Bethlehem family.

We were always hoping that the program would get back up on its feet again, but it became increasingly difficult to recruit new volunteers as existing ones were unable to commit after having been involved over a number of years. Our sister locations in Melbourne, Mildura and Perth are still active, if you would like to recommend their programs to someone.

We thank you for all of your support through the years and for the many happy memories we will remember fondly. We pray that these memories will live on for you as well and if you would like to share how Road to Bethlehem touched you, feel free to visit our Facebook page. We will keep the page open for a few more months while we tie up loose ends.