Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Vision for Road to Bethlehem?

Our Long Range Vision ~ That Brisbane Road to Bethlehem (the dramatised retelling of the First Christmas Story and the deep Love of God for people) creates an annual tide of receiving and sharing God’s Love right across Brisbane and beyond. That Road to Bethlehem becomes a household name and Christmas tradition across Brisbane, known for its commitment to the powerful Bible story of Christ’s birth, and the practical way that it impacts families – especially those doing it tough at Christmas time. That Road to Bethlehem grows to its capacity (beyond 10,000 annual attenders) and is deeply integrated into the minds and calendars of its surrounding community

Our 1-year Vision ~ To Reposition Brisbane Road to Bethlehem so that it operates and becomes known as an Event that has clear vision and direction, is integrated firmly in its community, and an experience to be shared.

Q. What does it cost?

While everyone needs a ticket, including children and infants in prams, ROAD to BETHLEHEM is completely free for eveyone. Road to Bethlehem simply could not exist without the generous support of sponsors, and the amazing support we receive from the public each year. You will have opportunity to make a donation at the Tax Collectors located at the Bethlehem Gate, or contact us to find out more about business sponsorships.

Q. Can we tour in our own group?

Road to Bethlehem caters for group bookings of up to 30 people at a time.  All booked groups will tour as part of a larger total group of up to 100, which will include other members of the public. See the bookings page for more information.

Q. Is it suitable for Wheelchairs?

Yes! The road can be a bit bumpy in places. We suggest that you bring along a friend to give you a push, if required.

Q. Can we bring our pet?

Sorry, NO pets are allowed. Exceptions are made only for guide dogs.

Q. What happens if it rains?

We keep going! Short of torrential rain or cyclonic conditions, the show must go on! Wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella or a coat if it’s threatening to rain or a cold wind may be blowing.

Q. Who organises Brisbane Road to Bethlehem?

Brisbane Road to Bethlehem is organised but the Brisbane Road to Bethlehem Committee, and brings together volunteers from right across Brisbane who serve in various leadership, acting and support roles to bring the event to life each year. Each year over 300 volunteers make Road to Bethlehem their Christmas gift to the community. Road to Bethlehem has been running in Melbourne since 1995, and in an increasing number of various locations around Australia and New Zealand since.

Q. What is RTB’s Food Policy

We have chosen to meet the demands of feeding so many people through the provision of various food vans. Recognising the high value the Adventist Church has always placed on living a healthy, plant-based diet, numerous vegetarian options are available. Only clean meats (fish, chicken, beef, lamb) may be served in any meat offerings.

Q. Is there provision for FIRST AID in case of Emergency?

There will be a fully equipped ambulance and paramedic located at the Big Tent in case of emergency.